How Do You Want to Feel Today?

Welcome to Fuelled by Feeling.

You’re probably wondering why I’m here and I’m probably wondering the same about you – so let’s break this ice shall we? 

I’ll share a few nuggets on my background:
I grew up surrounded by very driven individuals - whether it was through sport, academics, or relationships, the people I invested in all shared that common thread (and they still do). Naturally, that drive crept it’s way into my operating system and although I didn’t notice it back then, I adopted a mentality of relentlessly striving for what came next. 

I played soccer competitively growing up and it brought me to the collegiate level where I played for Quest University Canada. I completed a 4-year undergrad in Kinesiology and I conducted an experimental study focusing on how exercise affects brain function (this stuff really lights me up). Before I even crossed the stage to snag my degree, the surrounding buzz of “What are you doing next?” really threw me off guard. Yo.. I haven’t even graduated yet and I’m getting questions of what’s next? Where’s the celebration for what we all just accomplished? Where are the slow in-between moments of appreciating, reflecting, and refining? I wanted those

I travelled after graduation and for the first time, I invested time thinking of who I am, who I aspire to grow into, and what the heck was I put on this planet to create. #slowisfast

The lightening struck when I realized the power and strength of my own accountability - holding myself accountable for what I create and how I maneuver my way in the world. I began asking myself every morning: Gabby, how do you choose to feel today? I made myself the catalyst to my decisions. I began the practice of letting go of what I should do and I made choices prioritizing what I wanted to do #selfishgang. 


You may ask how choosing how you feel applies to training? Well, it has everything to do with training. It’s training the mind, training your physical body, choosing how you take on the world everyday, and choosing how you move. I wasn’t always aware I had the power to make these decisions. In fact, I demanded my body to look a certain way rather than ask her how she wanted to feel in her skin. I told her what times she’d eat at, what the meals would consist of, and you bet I was sitting at a heavy caloric deficit every single day. All of these demands neglected the practice of inquiry - I wasn’t asking my body what she truly needed and I didn’t even have the bandwidth to listen. 

Please let me be the first to say that this is an ongoing practice of mine. Some days, stars align and this practice is fluid - others, it’s hard. Real damn hard. I’m just human as heck and the Fuelled by Feeling philosophy is exactly that: a practice - one that I wholeheartedly believe in and am honoured to share with you. 

I recognized a gap in the training industry - one that I experienced myself many times. THIS is exactly why Fuelled by Feeling was created: To support you as you build and cultivate your relationship with movement - to encourage inquiry over expectation. We can work together through corporate events and workshops, 1-1 or group training, or book us for your next retreat!

And we won’t stop there. There are big plans for Fuelled by Feeling and as of now, Fuelled by Feeling belongs to all of you. Tapping into how your body CHOOSES to feel is the greatest gift you can give yourself and I can’t wait to be on this journey with you.