How Do You Want to Feel Today?
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Inside Out: Transform Your Relationship With Movement

The intention of this workshop is to create your solid foundation, create individualized practices from our 3 building blocks, and truly transform your relationship with the way you choose to move your body. 

The most important words we say we the ones we share with ourselves (Weinberg, 2018)

Where do we start? What questions do we ask? And how/what are we exactly listening for?

Through this workshop of exploration and inquiry, we address all of those questions and more. Our building blocks are scientifically supported and crafted through lived experience. This workshop and these practices have undeniably changed the way I incorporate movement into my life and it’s a gift to share it with you.





Training sessions include boxing and/or whole body athletic based training (think: kettle bells, battle ropes, body weight, plyometric, med-balls). Fuelled by Feeling gets you in touch with how to move your body efficiently and effectively while pushing through barriers you never thought were possible. This type of training provides such an incredible release while maintaining full control. We’re all about inquiry and training based on how you choose to feel in your beautiful skin.



Our Transform program includes all the elements of our Train program and extends far beyond. The extension includes in person or online coaching sessions that support you in Transformation Your Relationship with Movement. We’re often encouraged to ‘listen to our bodies’ and I’m a hell yes for this. And my next follow-up question was always… How?

In our Transform program, we create your how. We learn what questions to ask, what signs to listen to, and most importantly, we learn how to respond. Our sessions are rooted in tangible practices of inquiry, response, and action in order to bring you closer to your relationship with movement. 

If you’re done with experiencing overtraining, ‘shoulds’, have to’s, need to’s, and training based on how you want your body to look, this program is for you.



Take your next team building event or offsite to the next level. Our Corporate Classes are the perfect opportunity to get your team connected through sweat, partner work, and fun. Sounds simple enough, but our classes truly do bring out the highest vibration in people.

For more information, feel free to shoot me an email at OR if you and your team are ready for the best 60-minutes of your week, book your consultation and let’s get movin’.


Feel the Fire
45 minutes

Our strength and HIIT conditioning class that brings all sorts of fire. This class is designed for our new movers, old timers, and everyone in-between. Feel the Fire focuses on fundamental movement patterns with a little extra spice. We’ll offer multiple variations of each movement so you can choose to move in ANY way that makes you feel unstoppable. 

Movements include: body weight, plyometric movements, battle ropes, kettlebells, resistance bands, partner work, etc.


Breathing Through Barriers
60 minutes

This class is the perfect hybrid between moving fast and appreciating the slow - we work hard & we recover hard. Hands up if you’ve ever struggled to catch your breath in a class or when you’re movin? This class is the perfect solve for that. We teach breathing patterns in fundamental movements (squat, lunge, pushup, plank, etc) in order to use the most powerful tool you have - your breath - to break barriers you never thought possible. These breathing patterns set you up when things get spicy and help bring you back when we appreciate the stillness. This class is the perfect experience to celebrate everything our bodies CAN do.

Movements include: body weight, plyometric, battle ropes, kettlebells, resistance bands, partner work, etc.