Inside-Out: Transform Your Relationship With Movement

Fuelled by Feeling’s first official workshop is in the world.
So before I get into all the deets, I’m going to share my celebrations with you.

For a couple reasons: 

  1. I’ve never put this TYPE of energy into something. The amount of construction, deconstruction, and reconstruction that went into this workshop is so special. Every activity, question, Segway, story, and take-away is so finely and intentionally placed - it was like playing operation.

  2. There’s only so much of Fuelled by Feeling’s mission and purpose I can convey in a class setting. But this.. THIS work is the work that helps create your foundation in Transforming Your Relationship With Movement. And it truly starts from the inside-out.

  3. With all that being said, I’m incredibly proud of this work. I’m excited, nervous, and vulnerably saying that it’s only the beginning - and I can’t wait to share it all.

So here it goes, all those beautiful need-to-knows:

Why the title? Why the workshop? 

For so so long I always thought the way I felt about exercise was expressed from the outside in. I placed so much of my value on how I looked and I figured that once I got ‘there’, my insides would feel whole and enough. I’ve been on training and nutrition programs that had me at such a caloric deficit, my eyes broke out in eczema and I could barely open them. I never experienced any major skin sensitivities so this (at the time) came completely out of no-where. But it never really comes ‘out of no-where’. There were signs. I knew they were creeping up. I could feel myself tense, barely recovering from training, and still demanding SO much of my body. Now when I look back at those photos, they serve as such a beautiful reminder: the work begins from the Inside-Out. 

So what work? And what the hell does it mean to have a relationship with movement? 

Relationships are defined as the way in which two or more people or things are connected, or the state of being connected. And if you think about all the relationships in your life - work, romantic, friendships, family, etc - they all need watering, nurturing, and attention. You wouldn’t ignore communication with any of those relationships and expect them to stick around? So why would I have ever thought that my ability to move was something I could always count on without watering it?

I was completely disconnected from the way I moved my body. I always counted on my ability as a fixed performance. I naively thought I’d always be the fastest, jump the highest, push the hardest, and give my all every single time I exercised. I had no idea how to dial back from my definition of 100% - it only looked one way. I never realized my relationship with movement was worth tending to. Over the past year, I’ve had to meet this relationship, grow with it, and adjust as we move together. It’s on-going and the evolution is timeless. This workshop is born to serve as a foundation for you to nurture, get acquainted with, and begin to explore your relationship with movement. This workshop is an integrative, individualistic, and practice-based approach to bring you closer to your body - to use movement as a celebration for everything you ARE.

Who’s it for?

If you’ve experienced…

Over-training, over-exhaustion, or burnout,

Battling thoughts of “I will be happy in my body when I look like ____ “

Uncertainty or struggle in where the hell we even start?


Difficulty identifying what exercise and movement means and BRINGS you,

Frustration around meeting and managing your own expectations,

Constant comparison,

Guilt around going slow,

Difficulty transitioning out of a competitive sport and into a new realm of movement,

First, I hear you. Please know that you are not alone. However this resonates with you, know that as I read and write those phrases above, for a moment, they still make my breath fall short - because they still come up; however, through the practices, the integration, and the work behind Inside-Out, I can confidently say these thoughts don’t control me anymore. They aren’t my motive. They aren’t taking up a fraction of the real estate in my mind or in my body as they once did. They’re skeletons, tucked in a closet, and I finally feel like I’ve got the key to put them back when they find a sneaky way out.

Take-Home Gifts

There’s a massive emphasis on creating YOUR  own approach to this relationship. Through questions, activities, conversation, and integration, you’re walking away with an all-star line-up of goodies.

Our objective is for you to create your definition of movement/exercise and bring you closer to your why.

You’ll identify the role of movement & exercise and what it brings into your world

You’ll develop a practice shifting from automating to savouring

You’ll identify your helpers in response to moments that challenge this relationship. 

And most importantly, you’ll walk away with a foundation in which you will continuously build upon. 

This work is timeless. It’s in constant motion. It’s an endless evolution. It’s sticky. It’s like sprinting as hard as you can through molasses and then finding your glacier stream. And it’s all yours to create. Your starting line is perfect.

We’d love to host for your team.
And we’re in the works of a pretty incredible launch - stay tuned.

With big love & excitement,


Gabby Villasenor